Claus Gawin

end varnish on my pictures

I refrain from using end varnish on my pictures.

How to Clean Your Painting:

1. Take the painting down and place it face up on a sturdy, well-lit surface. We recommend you cover the surface with a towel or something similar to avoid scratching the table's surface. A clean table with direct lighting is your best painting-cleaning station.

2. Get a soft brush. (A very soft sable paintbrush would be ideal). Use this brush to gently dust your painting. Recommended: da Vinci Dusting Brush White Synthetic.

3. If there are any spots of dirt, you have a choice. Either send it to a professional painting restorer or get a piece of doughy bread, like a large, soft bread roll. Tear off a piece of the bread and use it to gently rub at the dirt on your painting. Be very gentle. If the dirt is stubborn, send your piece to a professional for cleaning.