What is New Open Impressionism?

Impressionism has a long history of painters that push the boundaries of artistic techniques. The original Impressionists used small, thin brush strokes laid side by side to capture the light and movement of a transient scene. Following in their footsteps, many styles of painting have since been developed by pioneers of Art.

New-Open-Impressionism catches the attention at once as being a new style of painting. The colors are vibrant, pre-mixed, and un-mudded. The thick brush strokes are left to exist as they are placed, which preserves every tiny ridge in the paint left by the brush. This medley of texture pulls the eye along in an ever-moving dance within the landscape. From day break to sun down, the changing light over the surface of a painting flows in and out of the crevices in the paint, trailing behind itself ever changing shadows and colors.

The purpose of New-Open-Impressionism is to capture the true feeling of being outdoors, each painting more of an emotional work than a photographic representation. The wind pushing against your back, prickling the sweat in your hair, your feet sinking into the damp earth beneath an oak tree, eyes squinting against the sun, burrs in your socks, eyes moving endlessly across a perfect idyllic landscape; the purpose of a painting is to capture these fleeting experiences in a few swabs of paint.

Fewer strokes is better in New-Open-Impressionism. Color choice is secondary. Texture and spontaneity are everything.